The birth of RDVO

RDVO. We are a good idea.
A new brand born looking to the future.
We produce backpacks, maxi bags, clutches, wallets, and accessories following the concept of Circular Economy.
We recover nautical laminate and precious leathers from processing residues from the best Italian tanneries to create objects with a minimalist design and an eco-luxury style.
A contemporary collection that responds to
daily needs of urban life with a 100% green concept.
RDVO, from the Latin Redivivus, has its mission in the name: selecting, recycling and
recontextualizing materials that are distant from each other by origin,
making them coexist harmoniously.
In our collection you will find the memory of the wind, of the sea, and of the land. And also of mind and heart.
The urgency of a more sustainable fashion has stimulated the creativity of our team. We challenged each other and imagined new scenarios and possible solutions. We are a laboratory of ideas that pays attention to what happens around us.
We are a “Made in Italy” project.
RDVO. We are a good idea.

RDVO | Lookbook

When the wind blows.

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